Enemies Of Good Art

‘Bad’ parenting as car crash telly and ‘mothers gone wrong’ is just part of the media pathologization of parenting, indicating the spectrum of ideology, invested in mothers. Emotional Capital (like Social Capital but of the private sphere) is used here to understand power in mothering, invisible labour deployed, creation of ‘families’ and reproduction of social values and class. With Tracey Jenson, Rachel Thompson and Martina Mullaney of Enemies of Good Art. Chaired by Esther Windsor.

Dr Tracey Jensen’s is a Lecturer at Newcastle University and recently published “Watching with my hands over my eyes”: Shame and irritation in ambivalent encounters with ‘Bad Mothers’ in Radical Psychology.

Dr Rachel Thomson is Professor of Social Research at Faculty of Health and Social Care, The Open University. Her book ‘Making Modern Mothers’, questions: What does motherhood mean today?

Esther Windsor is a curator and artist completing a practice based, Fine Art PhD at Kingston University, Ugly Beast: A critical study of curating contemporary fine art.