Enemies Of Good Art

Two weeks ago we introduced the concept ‘Emotional Capital’ to look at class and social values in mothering. This week we use Lacanian Psychoanalysis to look at anger, anxiety and intense identifications in the experience of being a mother, to re think how emotions intersect with political and economic life. With Renata, Salecl, Bice Benvenuto and Esther Windsor.

Renata Salecl is a Slovenian philosopher, sociologist and legal theorist. She is senior researcher at the Institute of Criminology, Faculty of Law at the University of Ljubljana. Her books include:(Per)versions of Love and Hate (1998); Gaze and Voice as Love Objects (1996); On Anxiety (2004); Choice (2010).

Bice Benvenuto is an Italian psychoanalyst and founder member of CFAR, teaching Lacanian and Kleinian, theory and practice. She is director of “Casa Verde”, a centre for the prevention of mental disturbance for children and adults in Rome and has published widely, including: “Concerning the Rites of Psychoanalysis” (1995).

Esther Windsor is a curator and artist completing a practice based, Fine Art PhD at Kingston University, Ugly Beast: A critical study of curating contemporary fine art. She has curated at 1000 000 mph, Hull time based arts, the waiting room, University of Wolverhampton, mirror at LCP, London and The Photographers gallery.