Enemies Of Good Art

Enemies of Good Art was initiated by Martina Mullaney and Ana Shorter. They have been joined by Jemima Brown, Cat Phillipps and Lizzy Le Quesne.

Martina Mullaney’s practice explores notions of community. After the birth of her daughter in 2009 she started the movement Enemies of Good Art, which began as a series of public meetings at the Whitechapel Gallery, located with the installation The Nature of the Beast. She lives in London, where she received a Masters Degree in Photography from the Royal College of Art in 2004. Her work has been exhibited at the Yossi Milo Gallery in New York, Freankel Gallery in San Francisco, Gallery of Photography in Dublin, Ireland, Blue Sky Gallery in Portland, Oregon and Ffotogallery in Wales. Recent projects have been supported by the British Council and the Red Mansion Foundation. She is represented by the Yossi Milo Gallery in New York.

Ana Shorter is a broadcast journalist and television researcher based
in Berlin. She has worked extensively on television news programs about the world of work, business and finance including BBC 2’s Working Lunch show, BBC World’s World Business Report and Channel 4’s Your Money or Your Wife. She is particularly interested in the way money shapes both the domestic environment and the wider world. Born and brought up in Singapore, she moved to the UK to study economics at the London School of Economics and graduated in 1997. She has been documenting and participating in the Enemies of Good Art movement since 2009, following the birth of her son.

Jemima Brown uses sculpture, drawing and time based media to explore formal sculptural decision making, suggested narrative and social critique. Graduating from an MA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art in London in 1995 she has established her practice as an artist based in London and working internationally. Curatorial and collaborative projects, such as ‘Family Viewing’, (a peripatetic, episodic project), or ‘Enemies of Good Art’, compliment and contextualise Browns work as an artist.
Forthcoming exhibitions include a solo show in September 2011 at Standpoint Gallery in London as the recipient of the 2010/11 Mark Tanner Sculpture Award. She has been involved with Enemies of Good Art since 2009, and has a 3 year old son.
Further information and images can be seen at www.jemimabrown.com

Cat Phillipps is a digital print maker. In her art practice she manipulates the equipment available to her in her daily work in an attempt to develop a social aesthetic straddling art practice and public concern. She works in collaboration with artist Peter Kennard under the name kennardphillipps. Her work is viewable online at www.kennardphillipps.com.
kennardphillipps is a collaboration working since 2002 to produce art in response to the invasion of Iraq. It has evolved to confront power and war across the globe. The work is made for the street, the gallery, the web, newspapers & magazines, and to lead workshops that develop peoples’ skills and help them express their thoughts on what’s happening in the world through visual means. The work is made as a critical tool that connects to international movements for social and political change.

Lizzy Le Quesne
works in dance, performance, film and photography. She trained at Brighton University and Laban Centre London and is based back in London after a total of 7 years in Prague, where she was British Council Artist in Residence at the Prague Academy of Performing Arts, arts reviewer at the Prague Post newspaper, and editor in chief of the Czech performance magazine. Her work has been exhibited and performed in galleries, theatres and specific sites in UK, Belgium, Portugal, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, Japan, USA, Argentina including at the National Gallery of Modern Art Prague, Kyoto Arts Centre and the Preview Berlin Art Fair. She also performs for other artists including Rosemary Lee and Ricochet Dance Productions. She lectures on the BA Dance and Visual Art at Brighton University and writes for various arts publications including Afterall, Contemporary, Intelligent Life, State of Art, Dance Theatre Journal and numerous artist catalogues and websites.