Enemies Of Good Art

In this first show of the new series of Enemies of Good Art, we’re looking at theater arts about childhood, plays aimed at children and productions which include young people. We’re asking how do you create a genuine collaboration between theater arts practitioners and the children they work with? What issues are off limits when working with children? What happens when productions dealing with violence and racism conflict with teachers’ and parents’ preconceptions about theater for children? All three guests produce performances involving young people and which explore the artistic possibilities of theater.

Anne Paffenholz is a dramaturge at Theater an der Parkaue, Berlin’s state theater for children and young people.

Christina Tappe runs the Theater Kunst Schule which works with schools to develop experimental plays.

Sean Patten is a founding member of Gob Squad. This theater collective worked with children, to develop a play aimed at an adult audience called “Before your very eyes”.