Enemies Of Good Art

In this week’s show, we hear from two women who were integral in forming and sustaining two of Berlin’s alternative living projects.
We’ll be discussing how these communities form and organise themselves, and how they maintain the original ideals and identity of the community as members come and go and society changes. We’ll also be talking about the ever present and very real threat that landlords property developers who own the land where these communities are sited, might try to push them out.

Ana Shorter from Enemies of Good Art is joined by:
Christine Ziegler, a founding member of the Regenbogen Fabrik in Kreuzberg. This community began life as a squat in 1981 and has developed into a legal project offering low cost living space, a nursery, cinema and a hostel.

Sarah Asling, a long standing member of Schokoladen Mitte where she also organises a regular indy music event called Accoustic Moon. The cultural space and living project was first squatted in 1990. The project now houses artist and music studios, a cafe and hosts music and cultural events.