Enemies Of Good Art

A group of cultural producers, workers and artists are pushing to change Berlin’s cultural and urban policies. Called Haben und Brauchen – (to have and to need), this group formed in 2010 to protest a plan for a new contemporary art museum in the German capital and an “achievement” show of young artists in 2011. These projects would have swallowed a quarter of the cultural funds for visual arts in Berlin. Their opposition to the show made the city government alter some of their plans, but not all.

Since then the many members of Haben und Brauchen have been meeting set out their collective thinking on the role and position of cultural producers and workers in society.

Ana Shorter is joined by,
Ellen Blumenstein, an independent curator and one of the initiators behind Haben und Brauchen.
Ines Schaber, an artist living and working in Berlin.
Dr Johannes Novy, a researcher and lecturer at the School for Architecture at the Technical University in Berlin.

They discuss the movement’s roots, development and the pressures facing cultural producers and workers in Berlin.